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For sale • Gary Brooker stage wear • Procol Harum 1974

Proceeds shared by the BJ Wilson Fund / 'Beyond the Pale'

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For sale to the highest bidder, a jacket of Mexican leather, bought by Gary Brooker in  San Francisco, and worn by him on stage in 1974. Also included for authentication, two contemporary photographs (see foot of page).
 The jacket is in very good condition, and clean, having been stored all this time in a moth-proof zipped bag. The jacket is unlined, and it weighs about .93 kilogrammes

Gary Brooker's heel concludes A Whiter Shade of Pale during a Norwegian gig on the Exotic Birds and Fruit tour
The leather jacket he's wearing – which Gary acquired in California – could be yours!

Ragnar Søberg in Elverum took the photograph and sent it to BtP

Monochrome photographs by Ragnar Søberg from Elverum, taken at  Njårdhallen, Oslo, 30 October 1974

The contemporary Gary Brooker models the jacket in the control room of his home studio in Surrey, UK
Also, in the left hand picture, Franky Brooker's dog worries the 'Piggy Pig Pig' toy from the 2003 tour

The leather label, inside the jacket, tells that it was 'Hand crafted for North Beach Leather shops in Pitiquito, Mexico'. The size is 'L6'
'North Beach Leather' was on Union Square in San Francisco, California, USA (thanks, Barry)

This is the colour of the leather, and the cross-stitching, close up in the scanner

It looks paler in these 2012 daylight shots, taken to show the garment from other angles


As you can see the jacket is in first-class condition, the only visible wear being the creasing around the collar

The following two 1974 chemical photographs are included in the eBay auction with the jacket, for authentication purposes

The sale of this jacket includes two colour photographs (c 130 x 88 mm)
taken in Denmark, from the collection of Franky Brooker

Printed on the back: 'Kodacolor colour picture produced by Kodak, November 1974'

Gary, almost certainly playing 'Monsieur R Monde', on stage in Denmark, 1974

This item (jacket and photographs) will soon be live at eBay | Another stage item for sale

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