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Elizabeth Bryson's Reflections in my Tea • 2012 CD

Fab prize-giveaway competition

Here's  a prize give-away competition ... win yourself a copy of this desirable solo album on CD!

Go to this review page and listen to the eleven clips from the songs (they all play from links that say [mp3].

For the purposes of this competition only, ignore the fascinating links that lead from that review to other sites or pages. Just listen to the eleven [mp3] links (and be aware, they're not the same clips you'll hear on CDBaby or from Amazon, where the album is now on sale).

Listen to the words in the clips, see how many of the following short phrases you can hear Elizabeth Bryson sing.


a plaice in a fountain


a small picture


cause more confusion


deep into the mire


each other’s ears


famous stories


I don’t remember worms


I felt it too


I felt it twice


monkeys everywhere


you have nothing

If you have any doubt at all, the review itself may well help you identify the words you are hearing, so don't hesitate to read it.

You'll notice that the excerpts above are in alphabetical order, but that's not the order in which they occur on the review page, nor on the album itself

Here's what you need to do

FOUR of these phrases do NOT occur exactly in the song clips. All you need to do, to win, is write down the alphabetical letters corresponding to the words you didn't hear.

For instance, if you don't think you heard 'a small picture', then 'B' is one of your letters.

When you've listened to all the excerpts, and made your decision, send your four-letter answer (it will be something meaningless like 'ACHK' or 'BHIJ') to .

We'll amass the correct entries in the BtP Homburg, and draw out one name ... if it's yours, Elizabeth will send you a signed and dedicated copy of Reflections in My Tea.

Stupidly easy, we know. But that's the way with this kind of competition ...

Happy listening / reading / winning!

Buy the album now from CDBaby | or from Amazon

Reflections in my Tea

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