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Hear Procol Harum at Harrisburg, 4 November 2010 ... free!

Win a pair of tickets to this show (competition now closed)

The competition (below) attracted a great number of entries, which were all correct bar one (who answered C, D, G, and had presumably not noticed the clue-links in the questions, nor that the answer which was B E G was stated in the 'subject line' that appeared when the custom link was clicked).

First in was Evan Wagshul, and out of the hat (thanks, Lollia) came Nancy Wood and Bert Saraco. We'll be in touch next week with Harrisburg and let the lucky winners know how they'll get their prises. Well done them, and commiserations to all the other entrants, whose names are too numerous to list here. We hope you'll get tickets anyway and enjoy a great show. Thanks once again to Rich, at the venue, for this generosity.


Would you like to attend this highly promising Procol Harum solo gig free (or 'for free' as the Americans say)? As one hardcore fan just wrote to BtP, 'Procol will be playing ALONE. This is a great opportunity to hear the band in a very friendly setting just as they have soared to new heights.'

We have three pairs of tickets to give away (thanks, Rich, at the venue!) to the lucky winners in our prize competition; e-mail your answers to us
using this special link


All you have to do is answer these very simple questions. Your response will consist of three letters of the alphabet, the letters that (in your judgment) best answer the questions.


You can click on the underlined words in each question to get a clue.

Question 1

What is the name of the forthcoming
Procol Harum download-only live album?


I Hear you Knockin'


Spirit of Nkken


Spoonsmiths of Norwich

Question 2

At Procol Harum's most recent concert, who played
a great set despite having a broken bone?


Geoff Whitehorn


Geoff Dunn


Geoff Chaucer

Question 3

What's the price of Procol Harum's excellent 4-disc
anthology of studio cuts, rarities and concert-films,
if you buy it online direct from the website shop?


USD 27.90

H USD 29.70
I USD 92.07

The first correct answer we receive will get one of the prizes (so it's worth being quick off the mark).

All the other correct responses will go into the BtP Homburg, from which the other two winners will be drawn by a suitably glamorous assistant.

Good luck! E-mail your answers to us
using this special link. The competition closes at 23:59 (GMT) on Friday 13 August 2010.

Small print: the competition is promoted by Jens and Roland at BtP, and the prizes are allotted at their sole discretion. They and their families are ineligible to enter.  

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