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Procol Harum • Bergamo, Italy

Soundcheck pictures from Linda at BtP (4):  24 July 2010

The sound was quieter back here in the arcade 

Nine fans from outside Bergamo (Norway, USA, USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Italy, Italy, Oman)
sitting exactly where they chose to sit for the actual show 

Last shot of a favourite hat that took itself off to Turin by train alone

Tête-à-tête onstage, while John Magner does something crucial under the piano

John Magner does something crucial under the synthesiser

  A huge crowd is expected and the safety personnel are present in large numbers 

Before the show: Matt Pegg in a high window behind the stage, watching the growing audience

Bergamo's 'Il Presidente', as Gary called him, is a big Procol Harum fan: because of him the band are booked to play
at the Palazzo, and it is his pleasure to introduce the players by name before they appear

Geoff Dunn is namechecked, and Geoff and Matt point to him for the benefit of those who have
spotted Procol still upstairs in the artists' area. And then the show begins!