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Procol Harum Bergamo, Italy

Soundcheck pictures from Linda at BtP (2):  24 July 2010

Troops of local men putting up the Bergamo publicity banners

In the portico (just sheltered, in case yesterday's rain and ice returns) Graham ajdusts the sound.
An Italian technician is on standby

Good vibes in the sound department: it sounded really loud at soundcheck,
but the huge audience absorbed some of the volume

Jeri and Paul Holland (from the USA), flanked by two webmasters (UK and Norway)

Umberto, the cosmetic chemist from Milan

Promoter Gigi (who took excellent care of the international visitors) in conversation with a cheerful Chris Cooke

Finnish eyes!

Maestro Whitehorn ... or 'Cornobianco' as he was introduced at the start of the evening show