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Procol Harum Bergamo, Italy

Soundcheck pictures from Jens at BtP (1):  24 July 2010

Fans gather outside the Procol soundcheck: Roland, Stefano, Linda, Umberto, Martin, Andrea, Paul and Jeri

The usual suspects seated neatly inside the Palazzo to hear the soundcheck

Graham Ewins at the desk: not an easy gig from the sound point of view, there being three stone walls to contend with

Fans rummage in the Bergamo party-bags they were given at the control point

Josh, Geoff D and Matt appear on stage

Geoff Whitehorn takes a few shots

Two Geoffs, soundchecking

Johnny Magner stands by in the role of batman to Mr Brooker 

Josh with his Hammond ... not on its wooden stand on this occasion

To the right is the Italian lighting-man who was onstage for the whole soundcheck, in various positions