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the Pale 

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Procol Harum Bergamo, Italy

A preview, 23 July 2010


BtP gets a glimpse of the blueprints for the gig

Procol don't have to play lying down ... the canopy winds up to a suitable height

The chairs are going out

Primitive life-form receives inspiration from contemplating meaning of dark monolith
This is the public entrance to the Palace where Procol Harum will play ... opposite No 29 Via Tasso, and quite easy to find
Nice how the arches in the Union Chapel-influenced poster tally with the architecture of the concert venue

The lorry arrives with cables, to provide an electrical supply to the courtyard

No seats over this large grille ... will it be standing-room?

Posh architecture

Are they statues? Or Procol fans who have been waiting quite a while for this gig?

Hoary old hippies ...

People letting it all hang out

Obviously anticipating some heavy weather, given that poncho

Off their heads already

Some fans have come across the water

Others have been waiting overnight

Some have got themselves into a bit of a state

A few squares

'She comes in colours'

Long shot of the gig

We guess the seat-numbers won't be relevant

The power arrives

The inside view

The bar across the street ... maybe easier to spot than the Palace itself. Is it run by Geordies?

Later on Friday night (after the ice-storm, but still under skies flickering with
lightning) the Jazz Workshop Orchestra warms up the stage for Procol Harum

Procol dates in 2010