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Procol Harum Bergamo, Italy

Demetrio Mafrica reports on 24 July 2010

Demetrio Mafrica writes to 'Beyond the Pale': 'This was my third live concert of Procol Harum, after Carouge (Geneva, CH) in 1976 and Pratteln (Basel CH) in 2005. It was absolutely great.

'It all started with the site announcing this concert in Italy and as I'm living in France (Sciez), 25 km from Geneva, I decided that this would the concert I wanted to see. The organiser, Geomusic, did things very well in the sense that seats were reserved for people coming from outside. I was on the second row, left-hand side and in direct eye-contact with Gary.

'Other persons will explain better than I do how it went in terms of music. I can tell that I enjoyed every single song and moment of this very nice evening. The sound was loud, but the Procol Harum music is so great that there is no problem with the sound level.

'Every single member of Procol Harum was in good mood and they played extremely well. Geoff Whitehorn was impressive in all respects: quality of music, presence and contact with the public.'I bought their last CD and asked for having Procol Harum sign the album, but it was apparently not possible to meet the band, due to time constraints.

'I happened to be in the same pizzeria as Gary and all the team would have their dinner (not the same as Hotel Grand and the Ritz!) ... and I could meet each one of them: Geoff Dunn was the first to come in, Gary arrived afterwards and I was lucky enough to exchange some words with him and he kindly accepted to have a picture with me; then Geoff Whitehorn came in; Matt stopped at my table and we also spoke together; and finally Josh arrived.

'Every Procol Harum was welcome by applause and congratulations from the happy few present at the pizzeria. A great evening in a nice place and a great concert.

'Viva Procol Harum! Congratulations to BtP and thanks for all the information you provide us with.'

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