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No Stiletto Shoes at Southend-on-Sea, UK

Club Riga Setlist (2) • Sunday 12 December 2010

Gary Brooker, voice, piano and organ; Andy Fairweather Lowe, voice and guitar; Paul Beavis, drums
Dave Bronze, bass and voice; Frank Mead, saxes, harmonicas, flute, percussion and vocal

If you were able to get to this gig, please send us all your pictures, memorabilia and so forth  (notes here on how to do it)



The arrangements were mostly identical to those heard on Friday night at Ewhurst, but the effect, on this third outing, was more relaxed


No Money Down



Mary Ann



She’s Tough

Tremendous again, with Frank's brutal laughter in the oddly-timed rhythm-gaps


(Brief guitar instrumental)

One round of a well-known sixties instrumental tune, impromptu, guitar and bass: we’ll think of the title, later in the day


Travelling Light

‘The old Cliff Richard classic’


Too Much Monkey Business

Starting off with the first chords of Apache; Paul Beavis playing the offbeats on the rim of the kick drum: very effective


Route 66

Andy explains (using a Welsh idiom) how he used to absent himself from school to learn this song. Dave comments that in English that’s called ‘bunking off’. The band debates the difference between a ‘bunk off’ and a ‘bunk up’ and concludes that the one frequently involves the other. The song itself breaks down for a moment when Andy loses his amplification.


Unchain My Heart






Lightning Boogie

The Lightning Hopkins instrumental, again introduced as Chelmsford Bridge for cacographic reasons


You Got me Running (Baby What You Want me to Do)

Including two rounds of rhythm-section solo. Andy: ‘It’s the songs that make us sound good’



Extraordinarily fine alto solo from Frank Mead, man of the match


Sea Cruise



I Want to Walk you Home

Segue into next number ...


Blueberry Hill

... also by Fats Domino


Will the Circle Be Unbroken / Lay My Burden Down

Gary’s piano solo mutates amusingly into Bye Bye Blackbird


You Can’t Judge a Book …



Wide Eyed and Legless



Poison Ivy

Some debate about the key: GB starts in A, the others in G. When he performed this with The Palers’ Band in Denmark (2006) it was in A, though he then expressed a (mild) preference for G


The Chain

Just the riff, first on the piano and then (in a different key) on the bass. Dave describes Paul as ‘a Jim Carrey look-alike’. BtP has already concluded that he is also a fine Jeremy Hardy look-alike. Gary describes Andy as, ‘A fine spirit to be close to, even though he’s from Wales’


Let it Shine on Me

Andy, acoustic guitar; Frank, jaw’s harp, later bones. Segue (after a bit of palaver including a GB piano solo somewhat reminiscent of Mrs Mills, curtailed when Andy challenged him, ‘Aren’t you going to follow the plot?’) into ...


Bring Me Li'l Water, Silvy

... another Leadbelly skiffle feature


Old Black Joe



Goodnight Irene



A Whiter Shade of Pale

GB, organ throughout, starting with the intro from the 1967 45 rpm arrangement. Two verses

An exciting conclusion to this short Shoes tour: let's hope to see them on the road next year. Thanks to Steve and Dave at Club Riga, and to Mick Brownlee, who introduced the band. The BtP team noted, amid the local Essex throng, usual suspects from various parts of the globe including Linda, Titti, Heidi, Axel, Juliette, Peter C, Unsteady Freddie, Peter J and Ingelise, 'Doc' Wallace and Amanda, Mark, Michel and Sandra; and Bertie from our hotel of choice, Southend's Ilfracombe House. Many of these had joined Gary and Frank, and their partners, whom BtP treated to a long, relaxed Christmas lunch at Shoeburyness during the afternoon.

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