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Procol Harum in Manchester, 2001

Seating and prices at the Bridgewater Hall

We understand from the Box Office that this is how the seats are being sold for the Procol concert in June. Our diagram is adapted from the Bridgewater Hall's diagram here and although it has been carefully prepared and is offered in good faith, it should not be taken as authoritative since it's based on a very dark photocopy in which some of the numbers are a bit indistinct.

However it will be a great deal more useful than nothing at all, to help you find out where you will be sitting and whether you should plan to clap or merely rattle your jewelry. Check everything with the hall by telephone, or book online directly by using this link. It seems likely that sound and vision will be best in the area of the circle marked e in our diagram. When you have booked seats please send a brief message to BtP so that your name may appear on the glorious roll of Palers attending


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Seats at 26 pounds 50

a: stalls

C 4-11 and 35-42, D2-11 and 34-43, E 1-11 and 35-45, F 1-11 and 34-44 , G 1-11 and 35-45, H 1-11 and 34-44, J 1-11 and 35-45 , K 1-11 and 34-44, L 1-11 and 35-45, M1-11 and 34-44

b: stalls

A 12-34, B12-33, C 12-34, D 12-33, E 12-34, F 12-33, G 12-34,
H 12-33, J 12-34, K12-33, L 12-34, M 12-33

e: circle

A6-20, B5-20, C4-22, D3-22, E2-24, F2-23, G2-24, H2-23

Seats at 23 pounds 50

c: stalls

N1-11 and 35-45, P3-11 and 34-42

d: stalls

S 12-34, T12-33, V12-34, W13-32

f: side circle

A17-35 and 60-78, B 16-34 and 61-78

g: side circle

A38-47 and 48-57, B37-37 and 48-58, C36-47 and 48-59, D39-47 and 48-56, E38-47 and 48 -57, F37-47 and 48-58

h: circle

J2-24, K2-23, L3-23, M1-24, N2-24

k: gallery

A22-38, B23-38, C21-39, D21-40, E19-41, F19-42, G18-42, H15-46, J15-45, K18-43, L18-42, M19-42

Seats at 20 pounds 50

i: side gallery

B(?) 27-49 and 50-72

j: side gallery

C(?)6-18 and 43-55, D(?) 4-16 and 44-56, E(?)2-16 and 45-59, F(?)1-11 and49-59, G(?)1-10 and 51-60, H(?)6-14 and 44-54, J(?)9-17 and 44-52

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