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'Taking Turns in Trying to Pass it On'

Official 2CD souvenir of the Palers' Band at Manchester

Here, at last, is your chance to buy a 22-dollar Souvenir of Manchester, the Official Double CD of the Palers' Band (+ a Procol Harum jam, + a bonus track dedicated to Douglas Adams) as recorded from the audience at the Manchester Palers' Convention in June 2001. Twenty-odd talented fans got together to play a rare and choice selection of Procol material, and some pieces from Brooker and Fisher solo albums, some never heard live before. The online buying link is at the foot of this page.

Cover art by Richard Beck ... click image for a larger view

Hear a selection from CD1
Cerdes (Outside the Gates of), She Wandered Through the Garden Fence, Rambling On
Kaleidoscope, The Devil Came from Kansas
Wish Me Well, Bringing Home the Bacon, Holding On, Alpha, Separation, Pilgrim's Playout [played by Procol Harum], Shine on Brightly, A Salty Dog, Fool's Gold

Hear a selection from CD2
Not Her Fault, Brickyard Blues, Crucifiction Lane, One Eye on the Future, Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone), Quite Rightly So, Still There'll be More, A Souvenir of London, Juicy John Pink, Memorial Drive, Barnyard Story, The Truth Won't Fade Away, Trick of the Night, Whaling Stories … and Holding On 

Recorded live to DAT from the audience on 16 June 2001 at the University of Salford, Manchester UK, except Shine on Brightly, which is a mono soundboard recording. FoH sound by Greg Panfile. Production by Hermann Braunschmidt; copyright control by GEMA; graphic design by Richard Beck; liner note by Jane Clare; bonus track recorded by Stephen ‘Doc’ Wallace in Melbourne, Australia, June 2001.

The Palers’ Band: Michael Ackermann (Germany), Richard Beck (USA), Gummo (UK), Linda Clare (UK), Martin Clare (UK), Nicholas Clare (UK), Peter Clare (UK), Roland Clare (UK), Allen Edelist (USA), Leif-Otto Eriksen (Norway), Lou Fowkes (UK), Dave Knight (UK), Jeff Levine (USA), Wolfgang Lieke (Germany), Don Milione (USA), Greg Panfile (USA), Larry Pennisi (USA), Jens Anders Ravnaas (Norway), Tony Sadowski (USA), Hans Tammes (Netherlands), Nicky Turner (UK), Nancy Zohner (USA): to have a look at these folk, visit this Rogues' Gallery, and read the full setlist to establish exactly who is playing what.

The bonus track Holding On – features Stephen 'Doc' Wallace with the voices of Elleanore Wallace, Stephanie Wallace-Rolley and Flora Southey, with samples from Procol Harum at Redhill 1997; it was recorded specially for the Manchester Palers’ Convention in tribute to Douglas Noel Adams, who is heard on the track: may he shine on brightly, wherever his ship comes home …

Thanks to Dave Knight and Sam Cameron for location support; to Jesse James for technical tirelessness; to Randy Simmons and Rusty Timmons for printing services; to Don Milione and Mark Storrier, generous friends; and monster thanks to Procol Harum.

The Double CD costs 22 US dollars plus shipping, and is available from the links below (pay online by credit card in US dollars) or from the manufacturer, Hermann Braunschmidt in Germany (e-mail Hermann for paying arrangements: the price is the same). It comes with a full liner-note and with a great cover, and is ready from November 2001. Please order now!

Any profits from the sale of this recording go towards the work of BtP in furthering the cause of Procol Harum; it is being released with the kind co-operation of all the musicians, including Procol Harum. Hermann has arranged for full composer-royalties to be paid on each copy so that Brooker, Fisher, Trower and Reid (and Toussaint) will be rewarded for writing all the material on the two discs. We'd be very grateful if purchasers could kindly refrain from burning further copies of this recording.


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Taking Turns in Trying to Pass it On

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Procol Harum in Manchester

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