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Palers socialising, 16 + 17 June 2001

From the camera of Beverly Peyton

Friday night in Jury's bar: Martin and Nicky engage in light banter with Greg, while Linda and Wolfgang talk percussion

Three pairs of spectacles … yet only five eyes altogether … Jens and his new video-camera; Roland and Allen

Sam, Diane, Lou, Greg, Richard and Wolfgang … a moment's rest before the Convention

At BtP's third Palers' Convention: Gary in the Lounge with a number of fans in the background including Michael, Jonas and Marianne


Tom and Sue… two beers, one tea.

At the Convention … Diane near the shrubbery

Procol Harum didn't just play at the Convention … they socialised … here's Mr Whitehorn smiling through the vegetation

Matthew looks up from his fans, as Beverly encourages him to say 'Hello!" to Carol …

Beverly admires the Commander's fresh haircut! Franky and Diane also in the picture.

Matt, Tammy with a fan in eclipse… to the right. Michael Ackermann's Whaling Stories stand


At the Convention Bar Larry makes good use of the Magistrate's extended licence … also showing, Martin and a part of Kerry

A long shot of the Convention Lounge … either very early in the proceedings, or very late.

John Lock and Sam Cameron in the foreground

Jens, Antonio and Frans among the figures in the background. Did anyone use the mezzanine?

Freddie's back!


At Jury's after the Bridgewater gig: Sam, Nancy, Jonas, Jens and Thomas Raa Olsen

What do you call two Scotsmen in Salty Dog tee-shirts?

Doug Lovell and George Lovell!

Jens, Leif-Otto, and Karen from Denmark

More fans at Jury's Bar … there's Evan Edelist … brother of One-Eye

Jens, Leif-Otto, Karen and Titti … some serious abdominal matters being discussed here …

Two Clares about to set off home for Bristol and work in few hours' time



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