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Procol Harum in Manchester, 2001

Bandcall for the Palers' Convention : 16 June

The Palers' Band is a 'scratch' ensemble (see last year's twenty players, some of whom will be at Manchester too): the players come together to play on the day with only the briefest of rehearsal together. The personnel varies from song to song the musicians write to BtP saying what songs they'd like to perform and Roland and Jens do their very best to set it all up so that everyone has fun and is suitably entertained.

The Palers' Band Guildford 2000 edition in action
Franky Brooker reported that Gary was 'touched to tears'.

Gary Brooker mingles with Palers
at the Guildford 2000 convention

(No longer relevant): If you would like to play Procol music in the Palers' Band at the Manchester Convention, we need to hear from you now. If you sing, or play a suitable instrument, let us know by sending an e-mail: click here. We will write back to you about songs/instruments etc., as soon as we have heard from everyone who wants to be take part. Please send an e-mail even if you believe we already have your name on the Palers' Band list: a reminder is always useful.

BtP supplies all amplification, drums, bass, guitar, piano, synth and organ (a Hammond C3 that Matthew Fisher has played) but you are welcome to bring your own guitar etc if you prefer. Rehearsal time will be limited to a few hours on the Saturday afternoon, so everyone will need to rehearse the selected songs alone with the records. When you send us your mail, please indicate what time you are arriving in Manchester, and mention some songs you'd like to play.

Would you like to be in the band? Send us a message and tell us what instrument(s) you play, and roughly estimate your level of proficiency. We're not looking for virtuosity in everyone ... we just would like to be able to match everyone's ability so that people all feel happy with what they are doing.

Last year we had great fun good-humour was abundant, ego-tripping totally absent a couple of songs sounded a trifle under-rehearsed but a lot of it was great and lots of people have subsequently bought the Official CD, which has helped with the equipment hire this time. You can still buy Nothing But the Sea Between Us, the 2CD set of the Palers' Band 2000 which also features Gary Brooker soundclips here.

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