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The Children's Trust, Tadworth, UK

Gary Brooker for BtP

Gary Brooker sent the following (by e-mail and by post) to 'Beyond the Pale': the No Stiletto Shoes fundraising concerts in question are anatomised here and here, and if you want to hear the band in question, their Official Bootleg is for sale here – excellent playing, excellent sound, highly recommended.

Dear Palers,

The Children's Trust, Tadworth

On 5th February Franky and I went to visit Tadworth House and were shown around by the Chief Executive Andrew Ross. They are doing fantastic work there caring for children with multiple disabilities and also training people for the specialized care needed in this country.

I would like to thank Roland and Jens for their help with the Xmas gigs at Chiddingfold and all those that bought tickets and sent donations through 'Beyond the Pale'.

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we (The Shoes) did.

Cmdr. (BRF)
Gary Brooker MBE


5 February 2008

Dear Franky and Gary

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to come over to Tadworth yesterday to see what goes on here at The Children’s Trust.

This is also to acknowledge with gratitude receipt of  cheques to a total value of £7,000, which you presented us with. I was truly touched by your generosity in raising all this money for the Trust and amazed that all this should have come from a brief conversation with Franky over dinner. Please will you pass on to the musicians and all the other friends who helped you to put on the concerts in Chiddingfold our sincere thanks for this magnificent donation. These are obviously hugely popular and worthwhile events.

As you saw for yourselves, we are in the midst of a major construction programme here, building new purpose-built houses for up to 20 children with acquired brain injuries who come to us for therapeutic rehabilitation as well as a new hydrotherapy pool. When there buildings are open in 2009 they will mark the fulfilment of our ambition to create a new national centre for rehabilitation of brain-injured and disabled children. The whole project will cost about £7 million. We are more than half way towards our target but there is quite a way to go so you can be assured that the money you have raised will be pit to very good use indeed.

I hope I shall have an opportunity to invite you both back to see how the money has been spent when the new centre is open. I hope we shall have created something which our many supporters throughout Surrey can be proud of.

I shall certainly look forward to meeting you both again, perhaps on one of my (rather infrequent) visits to fish at Wintershall.

With all good wishes,
Yours sincerely

Andrew Ross
Chief Executive

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