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The Palers' Project, London • 21 July 2007

Supporting Gary Brooker and Guests with 'Procol Rarum'

The Palers' Project is a loose international collective of Procol Harum fans who record the songs of Brooker, Fisher, Trower and Reid for their own and others' pleasure: their very well-received three 2 CD collections are available from The BtP store here.

A representative group of musicians came, after brief rehearsal, together to play some of these alternative arrangements (click the titles) of Procol Harum tunes live – for the first time – at St John's Smith Square as support act for Gary Brooker and Guests. The band's sound was mixed by Graham Ewins, Procol's sound man. The show was book-ended by Ian Hockley playing at the fine church organ, up behind the audience: he started with some pieces from the classical repertoire that would mean something to Procol fans, proceeding to his own arrangements of Procol pieces.

Organ Introit

Bach: Sleepers Wake BWV645
Purcell: Trumpet Tune and Almand
Handel: Largo from 'Xerxes'
Bach: Gigue Fugue BWV 577
Ian (pipe organ)

The Palers’ Project


Ian (pipe organ); Peter (bongos)

The Piper's

Doc (voice + tambourine); Roland (piano); Jeremy (Hammond); Dave K (guitar); Gary (bass); Andrè (drums); Antonio (harmony voice)

She Wandered Through the Garden Fence

Dave K (voice and guitar); ‘Doc’ (second guitar); Antonio (piano); Palle Bas (bass); Peter (drums)

All Our Dreams
Are Sold

Ian (voice + piano); Don (Hammond); Gary (guitar); Roland (bass); Poul (drums); ‘Doc’ (offstage tambourine)

Robert's (Other)

One-Eye (voice); Roland (piano); Peter (synth); Don (Hammond); Gary (guitar); Bjørn (bass); Jens (drums); Andrè (claves); Jeremy, Ian + Antonio (backing voices)

The Milk of
Human Kindness

Antonio (voice); Roland (piano); Peter (Bb cornet)

The Pursuit of Happiness

One-Eye (voice); Don (Hammond); Gary (guitar + voice); Bjørn (bass); Andrè (drums); Jeremy + Ian (backing voices)


Doc (voice); Roland (piano); Jeremy (Hammond); Geoff Whitehorn (guitar); Gary (bass); Peter (drums); Jeremy, Ian, Antonio (backing voices)

New Lamps
For Old

Antonio (voice); Roland (electric piano); ‘Doc’ (synth); Jeremy (Hammond); Alberto + Gary (guitars)

Organ Extroit

Brooker / Reid: The Thin End of the Wedge
Ian (pipe organ)


A member of Denmark's "Procol Harum Project" From Italy A member of Denmark's "Procol Harum Project" From the UK
Poul Achton
Antonio Costa Barbé
voice, piano
Palle Bas Christensen
Peter Clare
drums, cornet,
percussion, synth
From the UK From the USA • he has two eyes From Italy From the USA
Roland Clare
piano, bass
Allen 'One-Eye' Edelist
Alberto Gallarini
Jeremy Gilien
organ, vocal
From Oman From Norway From the UK From the USA
Ian Hockley
voice, piano,
pipe organ
Bjørn Jensen
David Knight
guitar, vocal
Don Milione
organ, piano
From Norway From Norway From the USA • the 'Shep' moniker was given to him by Gary Brooker From Australia!
Jens Anders Ravnaas
Andrè Romkes
drums, percussion
Gary 'Shep' Shepard
guitar, bass, voice
Stephen 'Doc' Wallace
voice, guitar, synth
with our special guest on Butterfly Boys, Geoff Whitehorn, lead guitar

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