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Procol Harum in Finland

A unique fans' gathering, 1 July 2006

BtP has received this mail from Juice, in Finland:

I have the plans and arrangements for a Palers' get-together after the concert ready now. The place to be is Onnela, a holiday- and congress-centre.   I made a reservation for the bigger sauna which means there is space and towels for twenty people. The sauna will be warmed up for us from 20.30 to 23.30.

The rent is 160e for 20 people and everyone attending can pay it at the location: no need to pay beforehand. If the convention seems to get popular so that over 20 people want to join then I can rent the smaller sauna later, which is located in the same building.

See this website for more information about the place

So it is just perfectly by the lake. The sauna is on the other side of Tuusulanjärvi from the BLUES FESTIVAL (where Procol Harum play) and about 8 km away from there; it's also only couple of kilometres away from Sibelius's place, Ainola, which lies on the same side of the lake. The sauna can be reached by group taxis right after the BLUES FESTIVAL is over. Maybe there should be a meeting after the BLUES at the major gate or something? And/or people can make their own way to the sauna.

Drinks can be bought from the Onnela café: everybody buys their own drinks. It is prohibited to bring other than Onnela café's drinks into the sauna. There is a living-room type of space with a fireplace at the sauna. So, if someone wants to grill a traditional Finnish sausage in the fireplace it can be bought from the café. 'The sausage requirement' has to be informed beforehand to Onnela; it costs few euros per sausage, and as with the drinks everybody pays for their own sausages.

We will have turntables there to play Procol and other classic rock vinyl for the Procoholics. Videos are also an option, but if the weather turns out beautiful then I think that people would rather have a sauna and swim in the lake than sit inside watching videos.

People can book their entry via me by e-mail ( and let me know their sausage requirement. It is VERY important to remember to bring the money for the rent to the convention, being prepared to pay about 10 euros (depends on the amount of people attending).

Sounds like a lot of fun! We hope many visitors to Procol Harum's concert near Helsinki will gather for this unique convention.

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