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Procol Harum at Aarhus, Denmark

Setlist: 20 March 2005

The VIP Room Very steady
The Idol 'Michael Jackson' Mark carries the ending with the known recorded drumbeat again, played well and steady
Pandora's Box Geoff holds the long chord nicely after "'plane"; Josh a soulful
solo, and drags the last note of the song out with nice distortion. Mark
breaks stick but never loses a beat
The Wall Street Blues Nice solo from Geoff,  more jazzy / bluesy solo from Gary: very nice
Luskus Delph Gary comments, 'We'd like to play one of the closest things we ever did that came close to a love song: from Broken Barricades, called Luskus Delph.' The bassline that helps move the song is solid, and so is Geoff's line of melody. Nice synth from Josh.



A few aahs and ooohs
as the song starts:
here's a photo of
it being played

Shine on Brightly Gary goes through a short variety of Danish words the band knows after  apologising for not knowing more, then introduces the song with 'Eins, zwei, drei ...' Solid organ solo, slightly rushed at the end but nice tones
An Old English Dream 'We have Tony Blair, Mickey Rooney, oh sorry ... Wayne Rooney. Mickey was a fabulous actor but you're too young to remember him ...' Great dynamics: this song has come a long way and it's continuing to grow. Great ending solo from Geoff

Gary starts play the UK National Anthem, God Save the Queen

Conquistador Solid, and Josh has the horn sound from the synth down just right. In the final passage Matt, Geoff and Josh mimicking each other as they jump up and down, as does Gary, slightly standing up from the bench at the punches.


I'm out in the audience tonight. The first set carries the power, but it is all different tonight as it is a sit-down show ... a proper Procol concert being played very well. Very appreciative crowd, though not nearly as raucous as the standing crowds of the past two nights.
Shadow Boxed Very solid, and the synth 'piano' very clear with the ending pose at a standstill.
Grand Hotel Paraphrased: 'Once upon a time there were nice hotels that served good food and had silken sheets.' Geoff and Matt give an attempt at an operatic, but comedic, 'Nights we stayed at Hotel Grand' and 'Nights we dine at Hotel Ritz'. Gary playful on the keyboard at the run-up, and hamming it up a bit as they go into the tango. A lot of drama clipping with the song, prior to the guitar solo. 'These Aarhus girls they like to fight'. 'Palm Sunday, day of the palm trees: Josh, any idea?' Mark knows it's the laying the leaves as the cross was carried ...
Beyond the Pale 'A couple of people who are not here, in these day of IT: so we will play it in their honour.' Josh adds the Teatime carnival line, Matt strong bass: and he and Geoff line up and put their backs together and arms out for the 'Hoy!'
Something Following Me 'Two songs written before there even was a Procol Harum: one where a man is followed everywhere by his tombstone, and another where he has an eye in the middle of his head.' Soulful blues: this is Procol Harum, imho. Nice solos from Geoff and Josh
.Alpha 'This for Al 'Pha' with one eye right here' (points, indicating your correspondent). It rocked with great solos from Geoff and Josh.
Simple Sister Geoff plays with the crowd starting and pausing longer after each opening riff. This song is getting much bluesier every night and still holding the elements; massive clapping with the song during the build-up and again speeded up which, imho, is great. Geoff sound a bit more Trower to tonight. I must be hallucinating! Great response.

Gary tells Johnny there's a Steinway downstairs (photo of GB playing it after the show). Now his piano stool breaks; he asks if there's a doctor in the house, and as Johnny fetches him the Steinway bench the band takes a stage break to drink. Gary asks if everyone is comfortable, and asks anyone to tell a joke ...

In Held 'Twas in I

Mark and Geoff harmonies with the synth between narrations. Matt nails narration and displays great nimbleness running the Teatime bass lines. Crowd goes 'yeah' as band does, and applauds. Big rumble of thunder has the staircase next to shaking! Mark making what would appear to be vocal elephant sounds, and Gary singing frontwards/backwards during build-up. Mark and Geoff watching timings together. Josh brings in the strong Hammond chords at the end of the instrumental run prior to Autumn. Matt is right on the basslines. Killer solos from Geoff, and Mark has the beat going very steady all the way through. The bass line is shaking the building during Grand Finale. Nice choir from the Yamaha Motif 7. Whitehorn got what I think was a great cross between every Procol guitarist that has played In Held: strong, fat and ripping.


Spontaneous standing ovation and now massive clapping and stomping as the band has left the stage. Coming back to a roar, whistling and clapping and now Mark joins in on the bass drum.
A Salty Dog


I  shouldn't even have to tell anyone how perfect this was: the 'phone-picture shows the band playing it. Gary's thanking people for coming to Aarhus. '173 songs would take one-and-a-half days, so we'd like to play this for anyone who hasn't seen us before. Anyone out there who has seen us before? Anyone out there that hasn't?' A lady yells, and Gary says, 'Oh, a virgin!'

A Whiter Shade of Pale Nothing more to say that hasn't been said already about this one. The crowd exploded and it's a perfect ending (for your correspondent) to a wonderful tour segment.

One-Eye's valediction

Thanks to Gary, Geoff, Josh, Mark, Matt (in alphabetical order); to Graham, Johnny, and Ron. Special thanks to Chris Cooke for allowing me access to forbidden areas which I hope all Beanstalkers and Palers have enjoyed.

An Epilogue will follow in the next couple of weeks as I recollect my thoughts when I am less tired. Thanks to all of you who made appreciative comments on- and off-list. I always enjoy the touring:  I know it is not just my love of the music, but equally all of yours. Shine On!


Thanks Allen!
There cannot be many music fans as mad as you, nor as committed to sharing their madness so energetically with fellow-fans via all the e-mail updates, the 'phone-calls, the speedily-transmitted pictures, and the eye for detail that has made this series of bulletins such fun to read. A worldwide audience has been with you vicariously right the way, on and off-stage, through this series of exciting concerts, and all the fans ... to say nothing of the band ... must have warmly felt the benefits of your generosity. Here's to the next time!
Roland and Jens, 'Beyond the Pale'

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