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Procol Harum in Vienna, 3 July 2004

Huber Wolfgang / Mirko Rozic

I was there together with composer and pianist Peter Skorpik. I must say it's a pity that I didn't met Jens.

Procol sounded fresh and Josh Phillips fits perfectly. My personal highlights were VIP Room, Shadow Boxed, and Victims of the Fury, a slow piano-dominated song with unique Procol feeling, needs some listening. Maybe sounds a little bit like The Piper's Tune. AWSoP was incredible good.

Bill Wyman's drummer Graham Broad was listening very carefully the whole set. I was surprised to see that Manfred Mann's Earth Band were the main act. after their set Procol Harum were joking with the audience (especially Geoff). Matt and Geoff were filming the audience who screamed and waved for them and listened the first ten minutes to Manfred Mann.

Photos from Peter and me will follow.

Greetings from Huber Wolfgang, Austria's leading Procol fan

Just wanted to send you a review about the concert of Procol Harum last night in Vienna. It started at 6.15 pm at a strange location, in front of a power station. After the Underture and the band started with Shine on Brightly. The band seemed to be very nervous at the beginning: during Grand Hotel they had a lot of difficulties to keep the tempo.

Gary was complaining about his dry throat ('too much smoke') and before they did Beyond the Pale they were asking if there was somebody within the crowd knowing your website.

Gary Brooker had a great voice, very strong and clear, and after the show he thanked Josh Phillips for his contribution. Nice evening, good gig, wonderful memories. I think that they are getting better all the time with their new member. Unfortunately I could not meet Gary Brooker after the show.

Best wishes
Mirko Rozic

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Concert pictures from Peter Skorpik here.

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