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A fan's Procol tour diary: West Coast

3 August 2003 : Al 'One-Eye' Edelist in Seattle


A two-day festival that was poorly promoted according to local sources.

Mark had suggested I stand side-stage to get a different perspective. Barry Sinclair, Procol's Tour Manager, and his wife, Gail, were standing there when I entered the area. As it turned out, Gail and I went out to some seats about 15 rows and center to the stage. A perfect location!

9:00 pm

The sound is great! A small but very appreciative crowd.

As the band gets ready to start, there are yells from the crowd for Broken Barricades and "Is it on, Tommy?"

Very nice responses so far.

Gary says, We started in Scottsdale and 'Leaving For The Coast' (a nod to Palers), as it were, and worked our way up to Seattle, and it's nice to be back here."

Amazing lighting in Simple Sister; yellows and reds with light flashing blues and whites.

Someone yells out "Thank you!" to Matthew after Weisselklenzenacht.

Another nice talking jam between Geoff and Matthew during the ending phase of The Question.

A beautiful mandolin sound from Geoff again during Grand Hotel and tremendous lead.

"Have you got radio coming through?" says Gary, as radio sounds are coming from Geoff's amp. "Well, at least find a religious programme. Itís Sunday, man."

The VIP Room is dedicated to John Entwistle. As Gary put it, "He went in the VIP Room."

An Old English Dream is much rockier in the chorus, and more Procoly with piano, Hammond and bass in the verses.

Radio comes through Geoff's amp again.

Standing ovation after A Salty Dog.

Thus comes to a conclusion the Fellow Travellers West Coast Tour.

The astonishing points covered in the Epilogue (the next instalment!) may lead you to believe that the Ghost and Spirit of BJ Wilson was present throughout the tour.

I related these thoughts and observations to Gary, Geoff, and Mark as we had dinner together prior to the Seattle show.

I leave it to you to "Draw you own conclusion" [KR]

Gary's response at the conclusion of my observations as he lifted his head to look upwards, "Ghosts!"

oe, the monocular one

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