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Procol Harum at the Bottom Line, 9 May 2003

Pictures from Unsteady Freddie

Unsteady Freddie reports

BOTTOM LINE MARQUEE -- what a beautiful thing!

Query: what's a "CHOCOLATE GENIUS" ?

Also great to SAVOY BROWN (God Bless Kim Simmonds) still making the music scene!

LARRY and ONE-EYE in their "cage" – my "multilingual business friends" before show #1 selling their PROCOL wares to the masses.

I should add that One-Eye's no-expenses-paid tour was quite a personal gesture! Bravo!

UNSTEADY FREDDIE and GEOFF pre-show out by the bar having a "good-hair day"

UNSTEADY FREDDIE and JEFF LEVINE – I know this guy from Manchester– before the show

UNSTEADY FREDDIE and MATT pre-show (I think) by the bar

UNSTEADY FREDDIE and LARRY PENNISI and ALAN SEMOK between shows (I think) – UNSTEADY FREDDIE is showing everyone where to "give thanks" for this amazing night

UNSTEADY FREDDIE sandwiched between the crew members between shows ... great guys with very unsteady senses of humor (hey, I know what's "unsteady", ok?)

My pal SHIRLEY (with THE SHIRT) and KEITH backstage between shows

backstage between shows

UNSTEADY FREDDIE and THE COMMANDER backstage between shows

Note the fire extinguisher in case Freddie became too Unsteady!

UNSTEADY FREDDIE and RICHARD of 1960s garage-rock band RICHARD AND THE YOUNG LIONS (believe they are working on a new CD with help from E-Streeter and Sopranos cast-member Little Steven Van Zandt)

My pal SHIRLEY (with THE SHIRT) between shows and UNSTEADY FREDDIE (watch that UNSTEADY HAND there FREDDIE)

THE COMMANDER at the second show from seats up front with ANDREA CICCIORICCIO who came from Rome, Italy, with his Dad STEFANO

GEOFF from closer-up at the second show
(sorry about the bald head)

THE LADS taking their deserved bows (after second show)
NB Mark appears to be dressed as a ballerino, but that's a spectator's coiffure, not a tutu

UNSTEADY FREDDIE, FRANKY BROOKER and good old GEORGE after (I think) the second show

(same time as above)

PHIL DIMAURO, LARRY, and UNSTEADY FREDDIE outside the Bottom Line after the second show. I know Phil from 1978/1982 days when I was at Chrysalis and he was writing for CASH BOX MAGAZINE (now defunct) – turns out he is an old friend of Larry's – small world

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