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Procol Harum in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

About the cancellation

'Beyond the Pale' received an exculpatory statement from Procol Harum's agent on the evening of 23 May 2002, and we exhibited it for a while. It included such phrases as ...

I was shocked by the decision from Newcastle Opera House to cancel the Procol Harum concert on 24 May ... the venue took the decision to cancel the date without notifying my office or Procol Harum ... I do urge people who bought tickets to seek a refund.

Because of our Croydon festivities, however, the 'BtP' team will be incommunicado if anything new comes to light that may warrant the updating of this web-page, and we won't be on hand to answer any e-mails from interested parties that might arise from its publication: so we have taken the decision to remove the agent's statement, in its complete form, pro tem.

Procol Harum sent their own codicil: following the shock and disappointment of finding their opening night cancelled, they resolved not to take the day off, but to spend it working on something to compensate the fanbase.

"The band have decided to rehearse tomorrow and are taking the opportunity to polish several items to make Croydon better than it would otherwise have been. They are preparing a few surprises at Croydon with this extra day's rehearsal"

'BtP' extends its commiserations to all affected by this cancellation: the band and management, the many fans who have gone to great expense to travel from overseas for the gig, the local fans who will be just as disappointed, and of course to Rob Barnes who had done so much to ensure that the gig would be a social success.

We understand from the Opera House that they ' immediately started to contact those who have tickets by telephone or e-mail. At this time there are only a small few who we have not been able to get in touch with. All ticket monies have been refunded or are being refunded to these people, mostly by credit card.'

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