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Procoholics in England! May 2002

Thomas Raa Olsen

It would have been nice with a magic carpet, but I'll never learn to fly it, and the gig should not be a dead man's dream, so the old car with Pandora's box at the roof would have do it.

In Newcastle the news is leaking out, and though my face is smiling I'm really feeling low: The show is cancelled. She said there is no reason and told me to try to find a different way - and that was the end of the show!

Went to the river, but I could not swim over Tyne so the pursuit of happiness continued and we went riding south to hear nothing but the truth.

After some nights at hostels where we didn't spend our nights on silken sheets, we arrived in Croydon - almost at Hotel Ritz and we could drink fine wine and eat rare meats.

Strong As Samson we went to the gig to see The Idols.!

Did we get Beyond the Pale at this concert? I'm sure the critics will love it and say that it's good - I will say: Oh yes - although my eyes were open, they might just as well have been closed, cause to my ears a beauty was brought. Even a collector of news was satisfied!

For me Procol Harum is "Toujours L'amour".

We hadn't thought about bringing home the bacon, since we have a lot of piggy pig pigs in Denmark, but we got a souvenir in London and there was no problem to declare it at the Customs.

Some think that I'm a fool but it doesn't matter.

I'm a man with a mission: two concerts in Denmark - I will wait here for the band to play!!

After that I think that a dream in every home will be one more time with the band and a full symphony orchestra and a Grande Finale!

You better listen everybody, cause I'm gonna make it clear:

Don't forget to thank the organisers - Jens and Roland. If we all do that - they maybe then begin again!???

Shine On!
Thomas Raa Olsen

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