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Palers' Fair in Croydon, 25 May 2002

What to look forward to!

This illustration shows Martin Awsop, from Spain, with Jens and Roland who run 'Beyond the Pale' and the stall where the last few limited-edition 'One More Toast' tee-shirts are set out awaiting the people who pre-ordered them.

In the background, fans may be seen at the bar.

... saw it in a dream ...






The Palers' Fair offers the following excellent attractions


A licensed paying bar, operating all afternoon.


DVDs of Procol Harum in Copenhagen, December 2001 at a special BtP price of 13 pounds.


fellow Procol Harum fans from all over the world !


new Procol Harum tee-shirts, featuring the 2002 tour-dates.


Limited edition commemorative 'One More Toast' tee-shirts from BtP (nearly all of these were pre-ordered: the remainder will be sold on a first-come first-served basis when the stall opens)


Procol Harum lyric-badges to wear to the concert (see above) (thanks, Keith)


Concert photographs from 1996 and 2001 (see here for example)


the Shine On Stall, where you can acquire all the latest Procol merchandise at special prices


Video showings including Procol Harum at the Kremlin, Moscow, 2001 and Procol Harum live in Belgium from 1967 (yes, 1967!)


Excellent Procol raffle read on:

The 'Beyond the Pale' raffle

In a normal raffle you buy a little numbered ticket (see left), and if you don't win a prize, you throw the ticket away in disappointment.

But for the 'Beyond the Pale' raffle, we have produced extremely nice little Procol-lyric badges (see left and above) which will be used instead of tickets.

Each badge is different, each individually typeset and printed and each features a specially-selected Keith Reid line

So if you don't win, you haven't wasted your money you still have your unique badges (we will probably limit sales of badges to three per person).

Wondrous, eh?

At the end of the Palers' Fair we will raffle the concert photographs, signed posters, and one or two other choice items.

After this we would particularly like Palers to keep wearing the badges to the gig, to fly the Keith Reid flag for the rest of the audience's sake.

Then, at the Champagne Reception after the gig, we will raffle the star prize, the signed 'One More Toast' tee-shirt. So you'll need to be wearing your badges then too and they will surely be a source of great interest to the band as well.

Procol Harum concert in Croydon:
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