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Raffle at the Palers' Fair

Texts on the badges

Several times we were asked what the Keith Reid texts on the Palers' Fair badges, used as rafffle-tickets, consisted of so here they are: there were 264 unique badges in four different colours, as follows. Do you recognise them all? Which is the most appropriate, or provocative, one to wear at a party? And is your favourite song represented here?

If it isn't, this could well be because a lot of badges that were typeset were not eventually made the borrowed machine broke down, and there were other preparations that needed attending to. 'Twas a labour of love, making these badges, so we hope to see some them again, from time to time, on Palers' lapels at forthcoming Procol concerts!

A doubting Thomas who would be?

A never ending bitter gloom

About to die they'll resurrect me

Above all else confusion reigns

Across the straits, around the Horn

Ain't gonna ride that whisky train

Ain't no use in preachers preaching

All hands on deck we've run afloat

All I am is of my own making

All my sweat is clearly fear

All of the credit and none of the blame

All our dreams are sold

And all for nothing, quite in vain

Any topic you choose

Banish inhibition with a pogo stick

Bankers and brokers ruling the world

Be kind and humour me

Be with me when I need a drink

Becalmed upon a troubled sea

Boiling oil and shrieking steam!

Bought a souvenir in London

Bright and shiny looked brand new

Bringing home the bacon

Burn me up, sweet oyster girl

Buying a ticket for places unknown

By teaching I'll be taught

Call me if there's any change

Can't you see I'm awful sick?

Carry it low but keep it loose

Caught me while I was dreaming

Clutching fingers break the puzzle

Come Lollard, raise your lute and sing

Come on Captain, punch my ticket

Crying without a sound

Doctors cause uncertainty

Don't bother rewinding

Don't eat green meat

Don't get lost in the looking glass

Don't grin, you'll give the game away

Don't see much point in carrying on

Down technical blind alleys

Drank a little too much wine last night

Draw your own conclusions

Drink the whole ocean dry

Echo stormed its final scream

Explore the ship, replace the cook

Falsehood for truth

Far from reach, beyond all sight

Fighting monsters all of my life

Fool's gold broke my heart

Fool's gold fooled me too

For shame I'll heed the cry

Fountains play and worlds collide

Fruit's the safest remedy

God's alive inside a movie!

God's aloft, the winds are cold

God's aloft, the winds are raging

Got to be a bit more straight these days

Hard to remember, hard to forget

Held close by that which some despise

Help me find the widow's crack

How far can sailors fly?

Huntsmen at the voyeurs' ball

I beheld that flaming chariot

I clearly saw my own delusion

I could change my plea to guilty

I could see no maze to unwind

I don't care who you are

I dreamed a dream, strange as could be

I hoped for something to find

I know in truth they envy me

I left it all far behind

I saw the sacred bride

I was living in the graveyard

I was standing on the mountain top

I was trying hard to win

I will meet you at the bottom of the sea

I will wait here for the band to play

I wish I could rock myself to sleep

If only my doctor could see that I'm ill

I'll bathe my eyes in a river of salt

I'll be a wise man's fool

I'll blacken your Christmas

I'll grow myself right up to the sky

I'll waylay your daughter

I'm a man with a mission

I'm cold, I'm deaf, I'm blind

I'm content sipping lemon tea

I'm gonna lose these drinking blues

I'm home on shore leave

I'm lost amidst a sea of wheat

I'm not so well these days

I'm sore in need of saving grace

I'm the prodigal stranger

I'm trying to sell you cheese

Imagine my surprise

In need of company

In search of treasure endlessly

In the centre of the storm

In the darkness of the night

Inside, outside, find your own

Is it your tongue that is to blame?

It goes round & round & round & round again

It seems as clear as yesterday

It was all once bright jewels

It's all so simple really
if you just look to your soul

It's candlelight and chandelier,

It's hard at times, it's awful raw

It's hard to see, it all works out

It's no use knocking on the door

It's serenade and sarabande

Let Fate be your decider

Lift your voice and you will know the song

Living for the moment

Making my mind up to make up my mind

Malice and habit have now won the day

Maybe death will be my cure

Maybe you cannot speak for shame

Meet you on the other side of the moon

My eunuch friend has been and gone

My eyes reach out for facts

My friends are all around me

My life is unimportant

My name's Jekyll and you're Mr Hyde

My night has come and I'm going down

My old man's a silly old sod

My tongue it seems has run aground

Name your price and make the sale

No mortal place at all

No thoughts explained, no moments gained

No use howling at the moon

Not fooling anyone

Nothing that I didn't know

Nothing's better left unsaid

Now and then my life seems truer

Now and then my thoughts seems pure

Now gather up sea shells

Old and mouldy words of passion

Once I stood upon Olympus

One foot on the seashore and
the other in the sand

One into one won't go

One more toast to greet the morn

Only kind of blonde you are's a peroxide!

Our tears were tears of joy

Passion plays the sweetest tune

Planet Earth is going soon

Please get off the kitchen table

Pretend that perhaps you are part of a dream

Psychiatrists and lawyers destroying mankind

Pull the strings and push the triggers

Put the peas in the pot

Right or wrong we must go on

Sack the town and rob the tower

Scour the seas and scale the globe

Searching for a place to hide

Seem to have the blues most all the time

Shalimar! the trumpets chorused

She grew thin and I grew fat

She's fuddled my fancy

She's muddled me good

Shove me in your steaming vat

Simple Sister

Skeptic at the feast in ashes

Skip softly, my moonbeams

Snow White still remains unseen

So sad to see such emptiness

Someone's screwed the master plan

Something for the mums and dads

Something magic being born

Something repeated, something reborn

Somewhat small for one so tall

Standards and bugles are trod in the dust

Still no hidden truths could I unfold

Swimming in the sand

Taking notes and stealing quotes

That's neither here nor further

The crowd called out for more

The Devil came from Kansas

The news is leaking out

The sea has washed across your face

The truth is leaking out

The truth won't fade away

The waiters dance on fingertips

The way I drink it's been too long

The worm can be killed
yet the tree be not dead

Their eyes were alive
with maggots crawling

There is no reason

There is no whole which I can choose

There's a dark cloud just above us

There's a lot of it about

There's a monkey riding on my back

There's a river running through me

There's an oven in your bin

There's no one here to count the cost

There's nothing hidden anywhere

There's too many women
and not enough wine

These French girls always like to fight

They had left the scene triumphant

They knew from the ashes
a new life would spread

They saw him wave as he went under

They seek us in this unquiet zone

Things which I believed in
are no longer quite enough

This surely is a dreadful war

This war we are waging is already lost

Though my face is smiling I'm really feeling low

Though nothing shows, yes, someone knows

Thought the odds were in my favour

Through the shadows cast to a brighter day

Too many glasses and not enough time

Too many poets and not enough rhyme

Trouble always comes in pairs

Truth is plain to see

Trying to find some kinda romance

Two out of three don't know

Unique entertainment, no longer a joke

Wallowing in a morass of self-despair

Waste fills the temples

We are children one and all

We are men of sterner stuff

We called out for another drink

We can't let go, we won't let go

We crossed the Spanish Main

We entered a graveyard

We had something special

We made our port of call

We play for gold but not for keeps

We shout with many lungs

We skipped the light fandango

We speak with many tongues

Weakest man, be strong as Samson

Weird goings-on at the County Jail

We'll feast and drink until we fold

'Well my son, life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?'

We'll raise our toast to pleasures past

We're choking at the smoke

We're sailing on a sinking ship

We're taking turns in trying to pass them on

What I am I'll leave behind

What I've done I did through fear

What's the matter, ain't you glad to see me?

Who will come beyond the light?

Who will live in darkest night

Who will search for Holy Grail?

Who will search for treasure trove

Who will share this bitter cup?

Why are you shaking with fear?

Wondering why and wherefore

Won't you have mercy on your wicked son?

Write down brave words

You always knew this day would come

You are growing fat with sin

You are growing old with sorrow

You can't turn back the page

You don't exist!

You have caused your mother
great distress

You must be the Mermaid
who took Neptune for a ride

You reek of purity

You'll get no sweeties anymore

Your baking breath breeds body 'x'

Your prayers are unanswered

Your shoes are laced up wrong

Your teeth have lost their gleam

Your witness, my own hand

You're going nowhere, if your shoes
don't fit your hat

No, sorry, there are no left-over badges they were intended to be a unique item and every single one was sold on 25 May 2002 at the Palers' Fair (thanks, Daniel and Henrik) and the money raised contributed considerably towards the hire of the huge TV and associated gear with which we watched the video of the first-ever Trower / Wilson gig from Procol Harum in 1967, among other items.

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