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Millennium Concert / Palers' Convention

Pictures and treatments from Larry Pennisi

In their dubious psychedelic phase: colonial composer and general-purpose keyboard-player, Larry Pennisi with Roland, English mainstay and purveyor of piano and allsorts in a quiet moment of new friendship.

Only later was it discovered that the devious duo were planning the take-over of their respective chairs in Procol Harum.

Roland and Linda in a detail of the regaling of Boredom.

Rich and Fruity music was the flavour of the night

Gary rocks and rums with Cathy Nemeth Frumerman and Franky Brooker looking on.

Photo was taken from the vantage point of the organist.

Tito Davila and Larry Pennisi "Homing" it outside the Guildford Civic Hall.

The affable Mick Grabham. His sound was fat and his playing forceful. Mick was a mainstay of Procol Harum during its seventies incarnation.

He was right on track the night of the show offering a sobering counterbalance to the more histrionic playing of Geoff Whitehorn who shone equally that night, albeit in a dissimilar mode.

Matthew's rented B3 and Leslie. Note the organ bench, which is from a Hammond C3 not B3 series organ. Just a few stylistic differences are notable such as the non-rounded edges of the C3 bench.

I love Hammonds!

Richard Beck and Antonio Costa Barbé at rehearsal in the Jarvis Hotel, Saturday morning.

Title not now remembered.

Gary and Matt Pegg during soundcheck.

Allen Edelist and Peter Froning.

Peter was detected through the implementation of the Very Large Array at Arecebo

Webmasters Jens and Roland at the Jarvis

"...spare a thought for what's been lost and what's been tossed." I am eternally grateful to them for creating mythological magic on earth.

Jane and ancestor in a psychedelically-altered moment during This Old Dog.

The Pleasant Pedant of Bristol shows his less classical bent at the hotel rehearsal during Still There'll Be More which some might say was a highlight at the Convention

The always-engaging and spirited player, Greg Panfile, in one of our more collective lucid moments


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