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Index page for the Procol fans' parties at
Clooneys, Zoetermeer, on 26 May 2016

This International Convention, like BtP's other major parties September 2000 (Guildford, UK); May 2001 (Kristiansand, Norway); June 2001 (Manchester, UK); July 2003 (Hollywood, USA); August 2006 (Lejre, Denmark); July 2007 (Smith Square, London); April 2013 (Wuppertal, Germany); July 2014 (Westbury NY, USA)  takes place because fans are naturally congregating to hear Procol Harum play, and the pleasure of that is enhanced by making/meeting friends beforehand, trading stories, showing memorabilia, eating and drinking together; and then more of the same afterwards! Many significant friendships have formed in such a way: you'll be meeting people who share your lifetime's love of some eternally great music.

Option 1

The whole party, before and after the Procol show: click here for full details and booking

Option 2

Aftershow party only: click here for full details and booking

Payment is by PayPal or credit-card. Your name will be on the list at the door, where you'll collect a souvenir badge that acts as a ticket.