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Procol Harum leader hoping broken hand heals before tour

18 April 2017 Entertainment News online here

Procol Harum frontman Gary Brooker is hoping his broken hand heals by the time the band starts rehearsals for an upcoming tour.

The A Whiter Shade of Pale singer smashed up his right hand, his head and nose during a stage fall at a gig in London last month (March 2017), and he has taken off to his French retreat to rest up before hitting the road to promote Novum, the band's first new album in fourteen years.

"It's been mending for four weeks and they said it would be about six weeks, so I should be just right for rehearsals," Brooker tells WENN. "It's feeling a lot better. It has been in plaster for four weeks.

"I've had some instruction from a physiotherapist. They've given me some exercises - soak your hand in warm water and then screw your fist up. I've got a splint on my little finger to try and straighten it. It's not quite mended - it'll be about a week or two."

The pianist admits it is frustrating not to be able to play: "We played on British radio and I had to choose what song we were going to do that had a very simple piano part that I could play with my left hand or with two fingers of my right hand."

Gary also suffered a nasty gash to the head when he stumbled over a step at the Royal Festival Hall as he was making his way offstage during a concert intermission, and after another stage fall in 2012, the rocker admits he's going to start taking more care when he's performing.

"It just makes you be very careful," he adds. "With me, it's steps. I did not see a step coming off at the Royal Festival Hall and went flat on my face and ended up with a broken hand. Now I'll be looking at every step; every dark corner will have a hidden step for me.

"Going on and off stage, you should always have a man with a torch. I don't know where he was at the Royal Festival Hall but he wasn't there - the step was."

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