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The Lemon Twigs at London's Institute for Contemporary Arts, 22 September 2016

Snapshots from the back of the hall, by Linda Clare

See also Gary Brooker with Lemon Twigs' album

Only their second UK gig, and Long Island band The Lemon Twigs play to a packed and prestigious ICA in London. Should you happen to be
in America this autumn ('fall') check out their 23 tour dates by clicking here

Brothers Brian and Michael D'Addario (pictured) are the sons of Paler musician Ronnie D'Addario, and first came to our attention when they played with the Palers' Band in 2014
and at
Liquorice Jam the following year. Unsurprisingly they played Procol tunes like natives; they have a song named Haroomata on their upcoming album


Brian starts the show on guitar and vocal; as in The Beatles (a band both brothers are well-acquainted with) listeners
can deduce who wrote any particular song from the identity of its lead singer

Michael – a fantastically capable, powerful and demonstrative drummer – also sings harmonies on his brother's songs

Midway through the evening the brothers swap over, and it's Michael's tunes that close the show. Very broadly, and no doubt with plenty of exceptions,
Michael's material seems more visceral, Brian's more cerebral: but it's all intricate, witty, tuneful and highly energetic.

Though the brothers D'Addario play every note on their records (Soundcloud here. pre-order album here), the touring band is completed by
their friends Danny Ayala (keyboards, voice) and Megan Zeankowski (Rickenbacker bass guitar).

The Times of London characterises The Twigs as 'a modern-day band combining the melodic, harmony-rich soft rock of Wings and Supertramp,
the underground cool of Big Star and the Ramones, and the theatricality of Broadway musicals'.

Brian, who also plays violin, 'cello and trumpet on the album,  takes to the piano for the most Broadway-like of their current set
(the dedicatee of this performance was one of the webmasters of 'Beyond the Pale' (thanks, Brian!))

Danny and Michael share the mic for background voices on the above track

Megan again

The band again. The crowd cheered the songs that have so-far been released. There is a Twigs buzz, without question

The brothers D'Addario (19 and 17) once more. In low light an amateur camera can't take useful pictures of them leaping about
but there are lots of clips on YouTube that demonstrate the band's élan and dynamism

Their impending appearance on American TV's 'The Tonight Show' programme

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